Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to equip educators with the latest technology and top-notch training to empower young minds in the digital age. We go beyond the basics of Microsoft and Google and ensure that teachers are prepared to integrate technology seamlessly into everyday learning. With our comprehensive services, we will handle everything from managing your school’s ICT infrastructure to maintaining your hardware and software inventory. This means you can focus solely on what you do best – teaching.  Say goodbye to IT headaches and hello to a hassle-free tech-enhanced classroom experience.  Join Connetix today and unlock the full potential of technology in education!


Building Tools for the Classroom

Integrating IT into the Wider Curriculum

Boost Your ICT Skills: Unleashing the Power of Technology in Education

Unlock the potential of your infrastructure with our cutting-edge review and personalised training solutions. Our team specializes in identifying areas for improvement and developing tailored training programs for both teaching and administrative staff. Get ready to revolutionize your classrooms as we guide subject teachers on seamlessly integrating technology into their lessons. Ignite learning, enhance efficiency, and embrace the digital age with our expert advice and support.

Classrooom Lessons

Empowering the Teachers to Teach

Empowering teachers with the tools and skills to shape tech-savvy learners, beyond the realms of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google.

Mobile Device Management

Hassle Free MDM Solution

We will manage your iPad’s and Chromebooks on a cloud hosted MDM Solution, so that you will have piece of mind, that where ever we are, we’ll be able deliver the software you need direct to the iPad(s) or Chromebook(s) that you need it on.

ICT in Education is in Our Blood

The directors at Connetix possess a collective experience exceeding 35 years in delivering superior ICT support to educational institutions across different Local Authorities. We possess the expertise to effectively manage your ICT infrastructure, enabling you to focus on imparting valuable knowledge to students and harnessing the incredible opportunities that ICT can offer them.


Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team possesses current certifications in Microsoft, Apple, ITIL, Prince2, and Agile project management, guaranteeing that your ICT is entrusted to the most competent professionals available.

Nic Teeman

Director, HR & Finance

Afzal Hussain

Director, Projects & Client Relations

Melvyn Akins

Director, Data & Comms

Ruth Cowderoy

MIS Consultant

NK Associates

Information Governance & GDPR Partner

Moeen Jamula

Director, Operations

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