Trusts & Partnerships

Partnership Plan – cost-effective and flexible computing support

How will it benefit your school partnership?

Collaboration opportunities

Connetix School Partnership Plans provide a collaborative way for schools working together in trusts, federations or partnerships to make purchasing and computing support decisions. Your partnership’s approach to IT will be planned strategically between Connetix and your senior leadership team to ensure you are working to the same IT vision and get a better return on your IT investments.

Increased school improvement

We will oversee your partnership’s 3 – 5  year IT plan across all sites. We will review the plans, ensuring each school is on track. For those schools venturing into the academy conversion process, we will work with your schools leadership to ensure your ICT services are streamlined, so that you have an ICT Service that’s as cost efficient as possible.

Cost savings

Entering the plan together with other schools in your partnership means you are able to benefit from the cost and time efficiencies of bulk purchasing and a consistent approach to strategic IT planning and implementation.

Flexibility to choose your level of support

Within partnerships which include a secondary school, it is often the case that the secondary’s IT support resources are shared by the primaries in the trust. With the Connetix Partnerships Plans each primary school gets its own assigned level of support based on individual requirements. This means the same joined up approach is applied at each site and resources are not stretched.

Because individual schools computing needs can differ so vastly, our flexible and bespoke service means that we can customise our support so each school gets what they need and only pays for what they get.

How will it work?

1. All schools in your partnership will enter into a Connetix Support contract.
We will discuss each individual schools needs and will propose the level of support that matches their requirements and which fits with your Partnership’s vision for IT.

2. Our flexible and adaptable service means that schools will be able to add other optional services to their support profile as and when it feels necessary.  Our customer focused approach will mean we will always act in the best interests of the school, and there is no pressure selling to schools.  Our primary goal is to provide a first class ICT service while driving down cost.

3. Connetix management will work with your senior leadership team, we will help plan a collaborative approach to IT.  Whether this involves a detailed procurement plan, a staff training programme or a complete overhaul, we can work with schools and academies at all stages of their IT development.